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Check Out Our PostCard Marketing System!

If you have struggled to make money online because you don’t have time to post ads every day or you simply do not know where or how to post ads online, then our PostCard Marketing System is the perfect solution for you! Our PostCard Marketing System is not just a PostCard, but a PostCard with its own supporting website! We created the PostCard Marketing System because we wanted to give our members a wide variety of marketing tools to help them succeed!

As an upgraded DigiSoft Member you get a DigiSoftPayline.com website, and you also get our PostCard Marketing System and website at no extra cost! You can promote your PostCard website online as you would any normal website, and or promote it offline using PostCards! Many of our members start off promoting their website(s) online, then use some of their commissions to fund a PostCard Marketing Campaign to maximize their income potential!

Upon request we will personalize a PostCard with your Name and User ID (no charge), and email you the file so you can upload it to VistaPrint.com to have them printed. Our members receive a 40% discount at VistaPrint!