5050 is a cooperative team crowdfunding
system where givers become receivers.
Do you know or understand what crowdfunding is?

Crowdfunding Is Being Used To Raise Billions
Of Dollars Globally AND…On The Way To
Become A $300 Billion Industry By 2025!

Video for $250 to $4000 Donation Levels

Raise Funds For Any Purpose!

This video shows the $150 Level but all levels work the same way.

 Enhanced With 2 New Levels
Added To The $150 Platform!
 $19 Semi-Annual Licensing Fee

You Choose…

$25 = $75 Over & Over
$50  = $150 Over & Over
$150  = $450 Over & Over
You can choose one or all three levels.
(Only select the levels you are ready to send donations to now)

Get Started With A $25 One Time Out of Pocket Donation…
Leverage Your Profits All The Way To The $4000 Donation Level!

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 You can start at the $25 level…then upgrade to $250 level
anytime or you can begin at the $250 Level.

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Is 5050 Crowdfunding Legal?
Meet David T. Rosen and hear what he has to say.