Thanks for dropping by!

I’m Keith, Formerly in the restaurant business as owner, manager.  I am now a “self-employed entrepreneur” living in Kingman, Arizona.

I have worked various home business and income opportunities part time for twelve years or so.  Both online and offline.

My favorite offline and probably the most effective forms of  marketing are postcards and small classified ads.  They have proven to be a great way to sign up new people in your business and build your list. 

My online marketing is a combination of both free and paid, generally speaking paid advertising gets better results.  You will find some of my favorites on the Advertising Resources page.

On this site you will find several home business/income opportunities all have simple systems that you can duplicate.  Most of the opportunities are 100% commissions, with some payments direct to the member.  There is also an opportunity that allows free associates to earn 20% commissions on all personally referred customers.

There are also some Marketing Tools and Advertising Resourses, both free and paid. These pages are updated regularly, so feel free to check back!

Whatever you do…always remember that these programs can truly change your financial future!  However it will require patience and effort on your part to build the income you desire!

Once you have reviewed all of the information, please call or email me with any questions you may have.  I’ll be happy to help you.  And if you are ready to join, please do!

May All Your Dreams Come True,
Keith Eaton
3586 E. Thompson Ave
Kingman, AZ  86409